A List of Unexplored Management Dissertation Topics

Perhaps the key word in this particular article is unexplored. This does not mean that a particular management dissertation topic has never been written about before. But it could well mean that it has not been widely written about before. And remember too that while a dissertation student can select an identical subject or topic as another student, both could write widely differing dissertations because they adopt a different approach or take a different angle.

One important fact about selecting a dissertation topic is that you need to have it approved by your supervisor and as the old adage goes, ‘two heads are better than one’. So let's assume that you as a dissertation student come up with what you think is a terrific management dissertation topic, you present it to your supervisor and together you discuss its viability. If your supervisor has any form of experience in selecting dissertation topics in conjunction with their student, they will know if an intended particular topic has already been explored and if so to what extent.

Brainstorming can often bear fruit

If you are a dissertation student looking for an unexplored management topic, one potentially profitable way to go about it is to select one or more explored management topics. Take one of the essay topics which have been written about in dissertations before and perhaps even many times. Then you can use this popular topic and then brainstorm it.

The idea being is you come up with any word or words which are stimulated by looking at the popular topic. It may well be possible that new ideas or new approaches or angles to the well-known and well written about topic will evolve. Remember that it's not the topics that match which need to be unexplored but the spin or the take or the approach you make to it.

Remember too that management topics can often be created whenever a contemporary issue involving management is written about in the media. One genuinely good way to find an unexplored management dissertation topic is to study business reports which have only just been released. And here are some potentially unexplored management dissertation topics, remembering that you are able to take a different approach when writing your dissertation.

  1. Middle management is being phased out.
  2. Research into the success or otherwise of management within family owned companies.
  3. How effective our customer loyalty programs as developed by management?
  4. The role of shareholders in opposing salaries of CEOs.
  5. How some companies manage to retain their managers for many years.

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