Coming Up With Successful Dissertation Topics On The Banking System

Choosing a successful dissertation topic for graduate, masters or PhD would depend majorly on the field the student is interested in and then how unique and relevant it is in today’s world. A topic chosen without interest would only lead to frustration and loosing of interest on a very later stage in the research which is even more dangerous since there won’t be any rewind option.

The banking system comprises of the entire organized financial system of an economy whether it is microfinance banks or commercial banks. Hence, the scope of study is huge, which gives the student to micromanage his preference on the subject. Coming up with successful dissertation topics on the system requires the following:

Being updated on current affairs:

The banking system is highly influenced by the political, social and cultural environment of a country hence even a slight change or a decision by the government would influence the aforementioned sector. This gives an opportunity for the student to track where he is inclined towards.

History repeats itself

Time and again we have seen that history repeats itself. Knowing the history or the evolution of the banking system is vital in deciding the topic of dissertation. History can tell us more than what statistics can forecast.

Short, Simple and basic

Though a common man is not interest in any kind of dissertation but if the topic chosen in simple and answers the very basic questions of banking system it can be of use of use to many. Talking to the common men on their views on this sector can give an idea onto what to write a dissertation on.

Ask the professor:

Sometimes the solution is right in the office of the person who has taught you. A professor always is on his toes to keep himself updated on his subject and has a good experience in teaching the subject as well. He can be instrumental in suggesting the topics a student must focus on and which can be of great importance for future researchers.

Samples of few successful dissertation topics can be:

  1. “Modi”fied India. The Pradhan mantra jan dhan yojna a good example of government using central banking system.
  2. Analyze the need for microfinance in Brazil for the year 2015.
  3. Most volatile stocks to stay away in 2015.
  4. Yen the next world currency.
  5. Is it time for a single currency for the whole world?

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