How to Write an Abstract for Your Dissertation

Before we learn how to write an abstract for your research paper, don’t you think it is important to understand what actually the abstract is? You might have heard this word many times through your teachers and seniors when they talk about dissertations. However, if you have never written a dissertation before, it is quite likely that you will not know what the abstract is supposed to be.

What actually is the abstract of a dissertation?

The abstract of your dissertation is the summary of your dissertation. It needs to contract all your major research work in a small paragraph. Most students confuse the abstract with introduction. These are two different things entirely. An introduction is only the presentation of your topic and subject while the abstract is the substitute of your entire dissertation. If for example, the reader does not have time to read your entire dissertation or they are to receive an email, it is better to send your abstract of the paper. By reading the abstract they will know what your research is focused on and what does it conclude?

How to write the abstract of your dissertation

Now that you know, what the abstract of a dissertation is and its purpose is clear to you. You are good to go with continuing the abstract writing process. First, have a look at the structure and size of the abstract so that you have less complication to handle.

The maximum size of your abstract can vary from degree to degree. You need to keep in mind that an abstract must not exceed 350 words if you are writing a doctorate dissertation and 150 words in case of Masters Thesis. It is best to keep your abstract in double spacing so that its readability is not questioned. An abstract should reflect your entire thesis in terms of structure, if your thesis has a total of 7 chapters, then you need to write a few lines about each in the order they appear in your thesis.

Focus on your research questions

The research questions are the base of your thesis and abstract. They need to be very precise and clearly stated near the opening of your abstract. It is a good idea to have no more than three research questions for your thesis. If your questions are, more than three you need to consider rechecking and cutting them down.

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