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The field of educational leadership is an expansive one. If you are writing your dissertation it is important that you find the most appropriate topic. This means a topic that will not only meet the parameters of your project but one that you are interested in. The best topics are those that you have a passion for. Why? Because if you really like the topic and want to learn more about it you will find the research more enjoyable and you will be motivated to write on the topic repeatedly. You won’t struggle to sit down and craft an introduction or visit the library. In fact: you will be happy to do all of those things.

If you are writing a paper on educational leadership but you are struggling to find the proper topic consider the items below. These questions are meant to guide your selection of potential topics. Read over them and take some time to reflect on them. You might find that they work perfectly as a topic for your paper or you might find that they inspire you to find a more precise topic related to your field:

Make sure that the topic you select is not too broad. If it is then you won’t be able to make a critical analysis with any depth. You will find that there are too many points to cover and not enough time for you to cover them. But on the other hand you don’t want a topic that is too narrow or you won’t be able to fill the page length requirements for your dissertation. So make sure to double check the topic you select with your advisor before you begin research.

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