How to Cope with Procrastination and Complete the Best Dissertation

The Temporization of Clockwork

Lord Chesterfield once wrote a letter to his son saying, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” These words have never been more understood, than by the individual who displays to the outsider a penchant knack for keeping a habitual routine of postponing certain obligations. Of course, to the outsider quietly observing the routine of the individual seen needlessly delaying an action out of either carelessness or even laziness for a period of a later time, would most definitely appear consequently detrimental for that individual. This is most especially so for an individual whose slowness in getting around to perform a task or function by putting off doing it completely until the last moment, leads to the rousing of emotions of anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, confusion, apathy, and even rage.

One of the last suggestions that individual would need at that moment would be saying, “I told you not to leave it for the last minute.” To this adage, the individual may feel the sense of defeat, if and only if he/she chooses to continue down the path of procrastination. For the scourge that results from this is one that no one dares to describe other than disastrous.

Writing the Best Dissertation

To make some light on the situation of procrastination, it should be noted that one does not have to have a feeling of entrapment placed upon them to continuously detract from performing their obligated duties. Graduate candidates pursuing their doctoral degrees, for example, must find and create the necessary allotted time in order to research, write and consult the expertise of their appointed academic advising committee for the final approval and submission of their dissertation proposal.

Unless the graduate candidate is seriously considering implementing a professional writing service to complete their dissertation, the only other way to writing the best dissertation is with the generation of a time management schedule in which the student devotes time each and every day into working on their dissertation. Specifically setting aside time to work on one’s dissertation not only shows commitment, but also will make it easier to accept as a habitual routine in enough time. Frequently, being able to check in with the advice of one’s academic advising committee will also allow for feedback and troubleshooting problems arising in the dissertation process.

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