Why good dissertation topics are so hard to find

Finding a topic to write about: the most important problem of the preparation stage.

One of the most common problems the students encounter with while starting on the dissertation is choosing an interesting, relevant and important topic. It takes a lot of thinking, brainstorming and looking to finally come across the perfect one. The process takes so much time and effort because a topic for a dissertation has to meet a lot of requirements, namely:

Steps to find a good topic meeting all of the requirements.

  1. Look for something you are knowledgeable and interested in. Think about what interested you the most during your studying years and about the knowledge and skills you gained earlier and how you can apply it.
  2. Choose a branch with specific and real problem exist. This is the key to making sure your topic is relevant. Check the recent researches and conferences to give you an outlook of what is going on in the scientific world.
  3. Look for previous relevant researches on your topic and make sure there is a new approach or anything you can add to the studies. It will make it much easier for you to find necessary sources and at the same time bring something new into the modern science.

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