Dissertation Tips: How To Gain Your Reader's Interest

The dissertation is a type of document written to support a student's candidacy for an academic degree or, sometimes, a professional qualification representing the writer's findings and research for their field of study.

The dissertation

Based on the educational requirements of universities around the world, the dissertation can vary in scope, research quality and/or structure. Despite that, the dissertation presents the same purpose for students around the world: a cumulation of their knowledge, research and findings presented in document form.

A dissertation, according to student resources, is a way for a student to prove to their dissertation committee that they're 'a competent scholar, scientist and/or researcher in their own right.' A student can accomplish that by showing that they're capable of making valuable, original contributions to their field of study.

Though, in order to successfully express that within their dissertation, they need to write their dissertation in a way to gain the interest of their readers.

Gaining your readers interest in a dissertation

As mentioned, a dissertation must prove that a student can successfully make valuable and original contributions to their field of study. In order to accomplish that, a student needs to convey the information within their dissertation in a way that will hold their reader's interest.

Develop concrete guidelines

Many academic resources recommend students to write their dissertation with a guideline in mind. This is generally their dissertation outline, which should already be presented within their dissertation prospectus.

A student can build a convincing and interesting dissertation if they use their guidelines to formulate text that readers can easily understand. To successfully do this, students can have peers and other general readers read their content before the revision process.

Develop a framework to organize ideas

Before writing, it's recommended to develop a 'conceptual framework' to organize ideas about a dissertation topic before beginning the research process. This can help student writers successfully organize their ideas (using their own knowledge) before starting the writing process. While many students develop their framework as an outline, it can also be developed in the form of a chart or other graphical aid.

Write about a passion

Like other works of writing, an interesting dissertation can develop out of a student writer's passion for the topic presented within the document. If a student expresses their enthusiasm for their topic within their dissertation, readers will find a reason to feel compelled by the information presented there.

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