List Of Unique PhD Thesis Topics In Computer Science

The choice of topic you make for your PhD thesis will determine how easy or difficult the process will be. Considering the amount of reading required and the time it will take to complete the work, your choice should be guided by the following factors.

Area of Interest

Avoid following the crowd or external advice when selecting a topic. The area you study in your PhD will direct your involvement in the academic world. This means that you should settle for an area that is of interest to you. It makes research and compiling of your work easy.

Academically Progressive

Select an area that will expand academic knowledge in computer science. Avoid areas that have been studied time and again because the materials are not academically exciting. Your thesis might end up not attracting attention in the academic circles.


Your topic for PhD thesis in computer science should capture a specific area of interest. Narrow down your concerns to address very particular issues. This is good for research since it provides limits that make your work easier and simpler. A narrow topic also allows you to exhaustively cover the idea which adds to academic value and fulfillment.

Consult Your Supervisors

The supervisory committee is at your disposal for consultation purposes. They will guide you from the point of selecting a topic to the minute you make your final presentation. They understand different areas of study and the potential they will present to you. Their criticism of the topic and other aspects of your paper will ensure that you produce the best.

Here are some good topics for PhD thesis in computer science

  1. The NP vs P problem
  2. Is there better algorithm for fourier transform and matrix multiplication?
  3. Increasing the multiplication speed in quantum computers when factorizing prime numbers
  4. Where the current computer is still rudimentary in terms of speed
  5. How to stem data mining
  6. The future of data processing, storage and transfer
  7. Producing hardware that supports more data processes
  8. Configuring robots to reach the level of human intelligence
  9. Application of robotics in future cars
  10. Computerization of biology
  11. Computer use to enhance the quality of education in high schools
  12. Formatting computers to understand human language and structures
  13. Communication, sensing and hardware of the future
  14. Large scale networking: threats and opportunities
  15. Issues beyond the computer

Any of the above topics will present an interesting few months as your research and compile your thesis. Most of them are futuristic as is the idea of computerization. Consult your supervisor and follow your interests when choosing a topic.

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