Before identifying what a list of persuasive topics might look like, it’s necessary to for the student to ask himself some questions. Where do his passions lie? What is it that drives him toward the pursuit of his degree? What events in his life have triggered the inquiries of life that he has? All these questions aid the student in looking within to find and develop a list of persuasive subjects.

A list of possible subjects include:

This is a brief listing of some subjects that may be of interest to the student. The list is vast.

Mentioned above is the identification of passion as the precursor to finding and developing persuasive subjects. The corollary to that would be researching the many forms of reference material available that could aid the student in the search for persuasive subjects. Publications such as digests, college catalogs, books, CD-ROMS, CD’s, DVD’s, tapes, periodicals, trade journals, etc., may be explored and researched for information leading to the development of persuasive dissertation topics. Extensive information may be elicited from college websites and other locations on the Internet. The student is advised to review, read through, and study each reference source.

The student should keep in mind that The Dissertation is a major project, which can and should reflect the student’s life direction, life study, and future pursuits. Going back to the opening statements regarding the establishment of the student’s passion, key thoughts, key words, and key concepts, gleaned from the reading should be aligned with the student’s passion in the development of persuasive topics. The eventual task will be to allow both the students passion, and research to be revealed in the Dissertation Topic. If the Dissertation Topic is presented in a passionate informed way, the student may command the attention of the reader, giving him access to the reader’s consideration.

If the intensity of the student’s passion is strong enough, he may be able to touch the heart of and/or change the mind of the reader.

More subjects for consideration are:

The choices are endless. When proper research is done, it is easy to find reams of material on the student’s interest area. The student merely has to develop a research method, which is described above.

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