How to relieve stress while writing PhD theses

In the world of academia, there are a few immensely stressful tasks. These tasks include things like taking standardized tests that result in professional licenses, applying for graduate school, and writing PhD theses. Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done to decrease stress during test taking, but there are many things that can be done to reduce stress while working on a PhD thesis.

Realize the Paper Could Take Months or Years

Since a PhD thesis is usually written over the courses of several months to years, PhD students do have a significant amount of time to work on their paper. The struggle with the thesis comes from the fact that students need to find so much evidence in order to support their ideas. The evidence must be reliable, so students have to show this, too. The depth of research and the fact that the thesis needs to prove a point that may not have been proven before adds to the stress.

Activities to Reduce Stress

There are several stress-relieving activities that students can do to make thesis writing more enjoying. The activities include:

These activities should also be done by people who are simply looking to be healthier in their daily lives. Since these activities will help with improving general health, you should have a bit more stamina to work on the thesis when you make these subtle changes in your life.

Find a Healthy Place to Work

Along with staying healthy, it is important to have a stress-free environment in which to work. It is always best to work on a major paper in a place where you can work without interrupting. If you have children at home, you might find that your home is not the best place to work. You also might find that it is the best place, but only if you have a door you can close where no one will bother you. If you have a private office where you can store your materials and work, that is an ideal space.

Maybe Music, or Not

Some people enjoy working with music because it helps them relieve stress. This is not the case for everyone. You can try working while listening to music, but you should not feel strange if it does not work for you. Even if you do have a private place where you can sit and focus for extended periods of time, you should get up and move occasionally.

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