The Top 15 Most Interesting Dissertation Topics On The Middle East

Coming up with dissertation topics is likely the hardest part of the entire process. This is mostly because it has some key features that need to make sure that it possess is difficult. It has to be unique. You need to add to the overall knowledge of the subject so you have to write it on a topic that has not already been discussed. You should also need to make sure that you write it on a topic that you find interesting. That will help you write a better paper. Mostly because if you are writing about a topic that interests you, it will be easier to write. Also, you will have to spend a lot of time on the issue so it should be something that you enjoy.

  1. Security in the region: change in the state’s iron hand
  2. Authoritarian rule in the Middle East: why has it proven resistant to the spread of democracy
  3. Difficulties trying to achieve peace: urgency in geopolitics
  4. Revolution and social media: using these sites to ignite for oppositionists to bring down Authoritarian regimes
  5. Comparative social movement: new organizations and movements are emerging every day in the Middle East
  6. Islamist movement in new regimes
  7. Dealing with ISIS: methods and measures
  8. Young politics: oppositionists in Egypt rise up and will shape future politics
  9. Theoretical tools used to assess the role of media and culture on politics
  10. Comparative research on cultural beliefs: Middle East and United States
  11. Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations
  12. Conflict Transformation and resolution in the Middle East
  13. Essentialism versus Epochalism: Case study
  14. Rise of Arab nationalism
  15. Developing methods for the translation movement in Islam

Once you have an interesting topic to write about, you are on your way to writing an exciting dissertation. You will have to get your topic approved by the board so it is important to make sure that you find solid evidence in your resources and work to show how they directly prove the points that you are making. You can’t just give a summary of the piece, you have to show how it specifically relates to your topic.

You need to make a plan to make sure that you give yourself enough time to complete the assignment, so work to get your topic approved early.

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