A List Of Successful Dissertation Titles On Feminism In The XX Century

The writing of any kind of academic essay, be it a research paper, a thesis or a dissertation, starts with choosing a topic. It should be interesting, new and relevant, in order to ensure a fruitful and successful research process. Before choosing your own topic it is necessary to carry out research on what has already been done and said in the field to avoid repetitions and redundancies. The topic should be brief and precise, summarizing the essence of the research. Selecting a topic is the mutual task of a researcher and his/ her scholarly supervisor. However, this article will present you some general ideas that might hint you when formulating your own topic.

The scholarly interest in feminism as a global notion evolves, and more and more research papers are dedicated to feminism studies. The issues of gender, race, ethnicity, political and social equality are becoming increasingly topical. Being set up as far back as XVIII century, in 1900s women’s movement developed into a completely new type of activities, touching upon new issues of women’s rights and liberties, such as electoral, social, political, etc. Although a lot has been already said and written in the sphere, here are quite a few aspects that require a closer look and deeper analysis, and therefore, might become a successful topic of the dissertation.

The notion of feminism is very broad. It encompasses a variety of aspects, and can be studied within the frame of different disciplines: psychology, sociology, history, philosophy, literary studies, etc. The focus of the research will differ, however, the key concept will still remain. The above mentioned topics also refer to different fields of science and might come in handy while looking for an interesting theme for the future research.

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