5 Main Struggles and How to Overcome Them When Writing a Dissertation

Your dissertation is probably the longest and most time consuming essay that you will write for school. It is very involved and requires a lot of research, time and effort. Many students feel like they are struggling because it is such a large and complex paper to write. Here are five areas that students struggle with the most.

Choosing a topic

One of the hardest parts of writing a dissertation is deciding on a topic. This is so difficult because you have to find one that is narrow enough to come up with a good thesis statement but broad enough that you can write this massive paper about it. The topic should also be interesting and add to the knowledge pool already in existence. The idea behind requiring students to write a dissertation is to have them add valuable knowledge to the area of study. Therefore, it is essential that the topic that you choose is not something that has already been discussed. You can add to an already established topic.


Before you can even start writing your paper, you have to put through a proposal. This is where you would explain to a panel what you are going to write about and prove that you have enough evidence to support it. You will have to include a literature review in which you explain what sources you will use to prove your point.

Literature Review

The literature review can be tricky because you have to list all of the sources that you will use to support your thesis statement. You also have to give a synopsis of what these articles are about. You want to make sure that you choose credible sources to include in your proposal. That way you know that you will be able to get approved and you don’t have to go back and fix the proposal and resubmit.

Edit and proofread

This key part of the process is something that a lot of student’s struggle with. If you find yourself struggling with this aspect of the writing process, you can get some help. You will be able to find help with editing from a few sources. You can find help from the writing lab at your school. You can also ask fellow classmates to read it over. Do not forget to leave enough time for this step.


If you are struggling to determine how to format your paper, you can get a sample copy to get an idea of how it should be formatted. Your school may have a copy for you to use as a sample. If not then you can get one from an online writing service. They offer free samples of their work to draw in customers.

There are ways to avoid running into the most common struggles. I hope this has helped you get through them so that you can be successful.

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