5 tips on how to write a master’s thesis conclusion

The conclusion of your master’s thesis is clearly important. Put it this way. Let us assume you have written a superb introduction and continued on through the body of your thesis writing in a flowing and clear style proving your thesis statement over and over again. Everything is going swimmingly. Then just as the reader of your wonderful master’s thesis is enjoying reaching the conclusion of your work they suddenly had a brick wall. You have written a poor conclusion.

The end result of this of course is the all the good hard work you've done before is damaged. The chance of you getting the highest score possible is suddenly dashed. So yes, the conclusion is important and here are five things to consider to make sure that the conclusion you write to your thesis is just as good if not better than what has gone before.

It's important that you understand the function of a conclusion. It is there to remind the reader of what has gone before. It is there to tidy up any loose ends and reinforce the many points you have made throughout your thesis. Know the function of your conclusion.

The conclusion should be a celebration of what has gone before. As the reader reads your conclusion they sense your happiness at having completed an excellent thesis and feel you are now inviting them to share your happiness. Enjoy the writing of your conclusion.

It is a big mistake to include any new information in your conclusion. This is definitely not the place for it to appear. New material happened earlier in your thesis.

One of the best ways to improve the writing of your conclusion is to read a thesis or three written by other students. Particularly look for those which have been highly commended. Study the conclusion of each of these theses. What makes them good? How can you use the good points of these conclusions in the creation of your own?

The ideal conclusion is one where the reader nods in their appreciation because they agree with everything which they see. Yes, the conclusion is a true record in summary of what has gone before. Aim for that type of conclusion in your master’s thesis and look forward to the best possible result.

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