How to write dissertation introduction qualitatively, effectively and fast

A dissertation paper is one of the most important forms of writing, which a student has to do during his academic career. It requires proper planning, time management, dedication and sufficient research to compile the data and prove your stance. It is very important for the students to write dissertation in a precise way because their doctorate degree depends upon it.

The purpose of the introduction

One of the most important parts of the dissertation writing is, the introduction it should be very well-composed, engaging and brief so that the reader gets an idea of what is going to be discussed in the rest of the paper. It is the start of your dissertation, so it must have the ability to capture a reader’s attention. In writing terms, we refer to it as hooking the reader. You must write the introduction in a way that develops the interest of the reader and is able to hook them. A good introduction that is qualitative and effective is able to:

How to write an introduction fast?

An introduction is the first part of your dissertation, however it does not necessarily has to be written in the beginning. First you collect all the data and analyze it. After that, you make a rough draft of your dissertation. When you have composed the body of your dissertation and have observed where is the dissertation moving towards, and what are the key findings of your research, only then you should write the introduction and conclusion. This will save time, as you won’t have to make changes in the introduction and write it all over again.

To maintain quality

It is very important to revise your introduction. Once you have written your first draft and sent it over to your examiner, you will have to further edit it and re-write it after their comments. Make sure there is no repetition in the introduction. If there is repetition in the content it will lose its quality. The introduction of your paper must be very precise and to the point. You don’t have to state the findings in the beginning, reveal the findings when it is time.

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