7 Law Dissertation Ideas That Will Get You Inspired

Students who tackle law degrees quickly realize that they have serious work ahead of them. One of the most challenging assignments is the law dissertation. Choosing an inspirational topic will make the process of crafting a dissertation more successful for you. There are so many topics to choose from and many have been written about more often that law professors would like to admit. Here are a few topics that will hopefully inspire you:

  1. Criminal law ideas are always interesting. You can focus on international terrorism and the role of nations and individuals. You can also focus on smaller criminal law, like defending the criminals or even Samaritan laws. Another timely topic is rape and where consent fits.
  2. Tort law is all about injuries and who is to blame. Lawyers often need to analyze the cost of an injury, which could become the focus of an interesting dissertation. Tort law even focuses on trespassing, especially when damages are done. Law students could even look into damages from psychological treatments.
  3. Employment law usually involves discrimination and the newest cases will involve discrimination against people against homosexuals. There are always cases about gender discrimination. Both topics make for fascinating research. States and nations have different laws about employment rights. With all of the changes occurring in today’s unions, future lawyers have plenty of topics they could explore.
  4. Intellectual property involves patents, trademarks, and Internet law. Property online is a topic that is worth researching, especially since it can be difficult to understand exactly what is owned by companies and individuals and what is open to the public. It can also be interesting to look at what educators can use safely, too.
  5. Trust law involves passing assets from deceased family members to those who are still living. There is an idea of intent in trust law and law students could also research the power of the trustee. Charitable trusts can also be interesting to study to see how they can best use their money to make a difference in the world.
  6. Family law is about protecting the rights of the family. This means that the role of caregivers needs to be defined. Law students enjoy looking at the right of the child, especially when it comes to divorce and custody.
  7. Medical law is all about the rights of the patient and the health-care provider. As legal definitions continue to change in this area of law, students have plenty of topics that can research.

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